Punk Outlaw Records

Punk Outlaw is comprised of Punk Outlaw Productions, and Punk Outlaw Records and was founded by media entrepreneur, punk music fanatic, and avid traveler Robert G. Rose.

Rose spent 2011 living and traveling throughout Latin America and the Caribbean combing the vast territory for punk music while simultaneously working on a documentary called “Punktology,” which later became the inspiration for Raw Travel. Raw Travel is a new kind of travel show for independent travelers that incorporates eco-tourism, authentic travel, voluntourism (giving back), and of course, on many occasions, punk music!

In late 2011, Punk Outlaw Records released its first compilation “Punktology Vol. 1 – Free Cuba Now!” featuring 16 songs from 8 select artists from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that Rose had interviewed for his documentary.

The title “Free Cuba Now” was chosen to help bring attention to the fact that Cuban punks, as well as many other subcultures on the island nation of Cuba, still suffer from suppression of their freedom of expression at the hands of the Cuban government. Rose witnessed this first hand while in Havana, Cuba when a punk rocker was arrested.

In 2012, Rose returned to the U.S. to focus on building Punk Outlaw Records and launching Raw Travel TV. Raw Travel premiered in October 2013 and still features many of the musical tracks from the original Punk Outlaw Record’s artists and content from Punk Outlaw Productions growing library of content.


“Our goal is to get good punk music out to a new audience that would appreciate this style of music and to give talented musicians much-needed exposure outside of their home countries,” states Rose, Founder of Punk Outlaw Records. “If we sell music for the artists, that’s awesome as well, because that will help the label, the artists, and the movement. But our primary goal is to help spread the message and philosophy of punk regardless of commerce. We try to run the label more like a cooperative, where everyone can share in the benefits as well as the work involved in making this happen.”