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Robert G. Rose – Biography

Robert G. Rose is a successful media entrepreneur, producer, and host of the internationally syndicated television series, Raw Travel  TV ®.

After flirting with long-term travel for years, in 2008 Rose sold his successful startup media company and had the opportunity to live and travel abroad full time. This experience cemented his love of travel and produced life-changing moments that inspired Rose to share his experiences by developing a TV show that would focus on authentic travel in a socially aware context.

This idea became reality in 2013 when Raw Travel ® premiered. Today heading into its 5th Season and 100th episode, the show can be seen every weekend in 168 U.S. cities in over 94% of the U.S. on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CW, etc. affiliates. Raw Travel is also broadcast in several countries and territories around the world including on National Geographic in Asia, Amazon in India, Fox in Europe and many more.

The show can also be seen on a variety of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) on a variety of domestic and international airlines such as Virgin America, Alaska Air, Air Canada, FinAir and more as well as several digital OTT (Over the Top) outlets coming in 2018.

With almost 50 million viewers tuning in annually in the U.S. alone, Raw Travel currently lays claim to have become the most watched authentic travel show on U.S. commercial television, broadcast or cable.

Raw Travel’s rapid rise lies in its DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to both filmmaking and travel. With a relentless mission of showcasing less publicized aspects of destinations and doing good while having fun, the show combines themes such as eco-tourism, voluntourism (giving back), underground music and subcultures.

Rose has visited over 50 countries and counting. When not traveling or working on Raw Travel, Rose reads voraciously, volunteers, blogs and runs his production & distribution company AIM TV Group  & his digital record label, “Punk Outlaw Records”.



17 thoughts on “Robert Rose – Biography”

  1. How can one volunteer on Raw Travel and do volunteers need their own funds for the travel? Thanks, saw your show today about Columbia and the Amazon. I’m in the Bay Area and always wanted a traveling job. Lucky man. Looking good too 🙂

    1. Hi Doreen,
      If you volunteer, yes, you will need your own funds for travel. Few people get paid to travel.. including me 🙂 A good organization in the Bay Area that may need some volunteers is called Project Learn Belize.. affiliated with the University of San Francisco. Visit them and tell ’em “Raw Travel sent you! Keep watching.. we appreciate the support and sentiments!

  2. Luv’ed the show, it’s cultural insights. It’s no frills/eco friendly & off the beaten path take on traveling is refreshing. And your single?! Do you still live in New York, because I do?!! Your my kind of a guy! 😉

  3. Really enjoy your show and the idea it is built around. My eyes have been open to all the extraordinary people who live or have lived on our earth. I look forward to more! Thank you for what you do.

  4. Love your show. However, I had a spinal cord injury and now in a manual wheelchair. I want to get back into international travel. How about some tips sometimes?

    1. Hey Danny,
      Thank you for watching. I know there are some places better set up than others when it comes to catering to travelers with needs such as yourself. I’ll definitely keep my eyes and ears open for places I think better suited. Thanks for watching.. thanks for reaching out and for your suggestions. I promise to keep it in mind. Stay tuned!

  5. Hi Robert,

    I am a travel expert. I would like to get involved with Raw Travel. My background is in Aviation and Aerospace sales and marketing. I’m
    interested in speaking with you.

  6. Robert…I really appreciate your show. I grew up with 17 exchange students from all over the world living with my family. This opened my eyes to so many different cultures and I have even spent a year on exchange in northern Spain, as well as backpacked through Europe. Watching your show is a real pleasure since life doesn’t allow me to travel like I once used too. It keeps that desire alive! In fact, I just booked my next venture to New Zealand and Australia in the fall. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mary. It’s not an easy show to produce, a true labor of love and encouraging words such as yours inspire us to keep going.

  7. I’m an adventure-traveler, scientist (water), author, and member of Engineers without Borders (among other things), and am interested in learning about opportunities with Raw Travel. I’d love to discuss more of my background and experience to see if there’s a fit with the show. Thanks, and as they say in Swahili, “Pole, Pole.”

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